• 398283
    Curb Chain Necklace Sterling silver
    Curb Chain Necklace Rose gold plated
    Curb Chain Necklace Gold plated
  • 398296
    Pandora Moments O Pendant Sterling silver
    Pandora Moments O Pendant Rose gold plated
    Pandora Moments O Pendant Gold plated
  • 397436CZ
    Pandora Logo Pavé Circle Collier Necklace Sterling silver
    Pandora Logo Pavé Circle Collier Necklace Rose gold plated
  • 580413
    Classic Cable Chain Necklace
    S$159.00 - S$249.00
  • 590412
  • 590200
    Cable Chain Necklace
    S$69.00 - S$99.00
  • 398964C01
    Out of stock online
    Pavé Daisy Flower Collier Necklace
  • 398078CZ
    Out of stock online
    Knotted Heart Pendant Necklace
  • 396240CZ
    Round Sparkle Halo Necklace Sterling silver
    Round Sparkle Halo Necklace Rose gold plated
    Out of stock online
    Round Sparkle Halo Necklace
  • 590515
    Out of stock online
    Classic Cable Chain Necklace
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