How To Build Your Pandora Bracelet

Choose your bracelet or bangle in 925 Silver, Pandora Rose, Pandora Shine and leather. Mix and match different metal styles as you like and create your fashion statement. Let’s get started!


Choose your Bracelet


Style with your favourite Charms and Dangles

Personalise your Pandora Moments bracelet with charms that symbolise your loves, passion and memories! You can choose charms in the same metal or mix and match metals for a tonal look. Capture the highlights of your story with Pandora Moments Charms!

Step 3

Secure your bracelet with safety chain and clip charms

Secure your charms with a safety chain. Add it to the ends of a Pandora Moments bracelet and you're good to go!

Balance your look with clips that separate your charms into sections. A clip charm with silicone grip does not fit onto threads (two raised charm dividers), while a clip charm without silicone grip will slide if not styled onto threads (two raised charm dividers). These clips can be styled anywhere else on the bracelet and add extra sparkle to your outfit!

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