Pandora Friends

Celebrate the winter holidays with Pandora Friends

Get into the winter holiday spirit with the Pandora Friends charms. To celebrate, Bruno the Unicorn has transformed into a rocking horse and is having the best time riding the carousel with other festive friends.

How to style Pandora Friends

The Pandora Friends always have the best time when they are together and the same goes for when you are styling them on your favourite bracelet. Get inspired to create playful combinations for the ultimate expression of friendship and fun.


The Pandora Friends family

The Pandora Friends are a playful bunch of adorable characters, who love spending time together and celebrating their friendship. Collect the Pandora Friends charms that remind us to always bring out the best in each other, keep smiling and appreciate each other every day.

Introducing The Pandoras

The Pandoras are a new punk band featuring Bella Bot on lead vocals, Bruno the Unicorn riffing on guitar, Dino the Dinosaur on keyboard and Theodore Bear on drums.