Sterling silver
  • 596543
    Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet Sterling silver
    Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet Rose gold plated
  • 196316CZ
    Sparkling Wishbone Ring Sterling silver
    Pandora Rose Sparkling Wishbone Ring Rose gold plated
    Sparkling Wishbone Ring Gold plated
  • 590200
    Cable Chain Necklace
    S$69.00 - S$99.00
  • 791169_E001
    Available in 5 colors
  • 590412
  • 196314
    Polished Wishbone Ring Sterling silver
    Polished Wishbone Ring Rose gold plated
    Polished Wishbone Ring Gold plated
  • 398283
    Curb Chain Necklace Sterling silver
    Curb Chain Necklace Rose gold plated
    Curb Chain Necklace Gold plated
  • 290585CZ
    Sparkling Circle Stud Earrings Sterling silver
    Sparkling Circle Stud Earrings Rose gold plated
    Sparkling Circle Stud Earrings Gold plated
  • 196242CZ
    Clear Three-Stone Ring Sterling silver
    Clear Three-Stone Ring Rose gold plated
  • 190880CZ
    Princess Tiara Crown Ring Sterling silver
    Pandora Rose Princess Tiara Crown Ring Rose gold plated
  • 791817CZ
    Clear Pavé Clip Charm Sterling silver
    Clear Pavé Clip Charm Rose gold plated
    Clear Pavé Clip Charm Gold plated
    Available in 4 colors
  • 190945CZ
    Simple Sparkling Band Ring Sterling silver
    Simple Sparkling Band Ring Rose gold plated
  • 198696C00
    Freehand Hearts Ring Sterling silver
    Freehand Hearts Ring Rose gold plated
  • 198282CZ
    Tiara Wishbone Ring Sterling silver
    Tiara Wishbone Ring Rose gold plated
  • 797855EN160
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