How to find your ring size

Use the dropdown menus below to help find your circumference or diameter measurement. Next, use the chart to see which ring size corresponds to your measurement and find your perfect size.

Diameter is the measurement across the inner width of a ring, going from one side to the other.
You'll need:
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Existing ring that fits well

Step 1:

Ensure that the ring you use fits the finger on which you plan to wear your new ring.

Step 2:

Use your ruler or tape measure to measure the widest points inside the ring from edge to edge.


If your ring has a different shape (not circular), measure the shortest distance across.

Use the diameter measurement you've just found, and consult the chart to see which ring size corresponds with your measurement.

Measurement Type

Diameter Circumference US UK European
14 MM 44 MM 3 F1/2 44
14.6 MM 46 MM 3.75 H 46
15.3 MM 48 MM 4.5 H1/2 - I1/2 48
16 MM 50 MM 5 J-K 50
16.5 MM 52 MM 6 L - L1/2 52
17.2 MM 54 MM 7 M1/2 - N1/2 54
17.8 MM 56 MM 7.5 O - P 56
18.5 MM 58 MM 8.5 P1/2 - Q1/2 58
19 MM 60 MM 9 R1/2 - S 60
19.8 MM 62 MM 10 T1/2 62
20.4 MM 64 MM 10.5 V 64

Helpful sizing tips

When choosing a ring size:

Always choose the ring size of the largest finger you’ll be wearing the ring on.

Stackable rings:

For a more comfortable fit, consider selecting one size up from your normal ring size.

Wide band rings:

This ring has a wider band, so we recommend going one size larger than your normal ring size