• 781426CZ
    Pavé Cut-Out Heart Charm
    S$149.00 S$59.00
  • 797196EN23
    Blue Compass Rose Dangle Charm
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 787348CZ
    Hearts Filigree Charm
    S$149.00 S$79.00
  • 388803C01
    Sparkling Dragonfly Pendant
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 781015
    Pandora Logo Clip Charm
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 187133
    Hearts & Pandora Logo Ring Pandora Shine
    Hearts & Pandora Logo Ring Silver
    Hearts & Pandora Logo Ring Pandora Rose
    Hearts & Pandora Logo Ring
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 781488EN12
    White Primrose Flower Charm
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 788240NEP
    Sparkling Mushrooms Dangle Charm
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 787061EN160
    Cute Bunny Charm
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 786559CZR
    Red Heart You & Me Spacer Charm
    S$69.00 S$29.00
  • 787888NPO
    Pink Square Clip Charm
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 797168NFR
    Disney, Mickey Love Heart Charm
    S$149.00 S$79.00
  • 787514CZ
    Reindeer Holiday Charm
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 280726CZ
    Pavé Stud Earrings Silver
    Pavé Stud Earrings Pandora Rose
    Pavé Stud Earrings
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 787599CZ
    Crown Clip Charm Pandora Shine
    Crown Clip Charm Silver
    Crown Clip Charm Pandora Rose
    Crown Clip Charm
    S$69.00 S$29.00
  • 288509C01
    Geometric Shapes Stud Earrings
    S$149.00 S$79.00
  • 781370CZ
    Sparkling Openwork Charm
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 781806CZ
    Fused Pavé Hearts Charm
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 380385CZ
    Shimmering Knot Pendant
    S$129.00 S$59.00
  • 280730CZ
    Sparkling & Polished Lines Hoop Earrings Silver
    Sparkling & Polished Lines Hoop Earrings Pandora Rose
    Sparkling & Polished Lines Hoop Earrings
    S$179.00 S$69.00
  • 387543CZ
    Sparkling Square Halo Pendant Silver
    Sparkling Square Halo Pendant Pandora Rose
    Sparkling Square Halo Pendant
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 787566CZ
    Space Rocket Clip Charm
    S$69.00 S$29.00
  • 188506C01
    Square Sparkle Open Ring Silver
    Square Sparkle Open Ring Pandora Rose
    Square Sparkle Open Ring
    S$149.00 S$79.00
  • 782078NBP
    Round Pink Magnolia Flower Charm
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 781286PCZ
    Pink Beaded Texture Clip Charm
    S$159.00 S$89.00
  • 188319PMU
    Pink Murano Glass Leaf Ring
    S$149.00 S$79.00
  • 387725
    Regal Key Pendant Silver
    Regal Key Pendant Pandora Rose
    Regal Key Pendant
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 187729CZ
    Pavé Hearts Band Ring
    S$159.00 S$89.00
  • 380379CZ
    Round Sparkle Halo Pendant
    S$149.00 S$69.00
  • 186571
    Heart-Shaped Padlock Ring Silver
    Heart-Shaped Padlock Ring Pandora Rose
    Heart-Shaped Padlock Ring
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 387291CZ
    Pavé Modern LovePods Pendant Silver
    Pavé Modern LovePods Pendant Pandora Rose
    Pavé Modern LovePods Pendant
    S$89.00 S$39.00
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