• 387909EN160
    Pink Ladybird Pendant
  • 387961
    Joined Hearts Necklace Silver
    Joined Hearts Necklace Pandora Rose
    Joined Hearts Necklace
    S$249.00 S$139.00
  • 387725
    Regal Key Pendant Silver
    Regal Key Pendant Pandora Rose
    Regal Key Pendant
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 380385CZ
    Shimmering Knot Pendant
    S$129.00 S$59.00
  • 380378CZ
    Square Sparkle Halo Pendant
    S$149.00 S$79.00
  • 380366PCZ
    Sparkling Pink Heart Pendant
    S$149.00 S$79.00
  • 387210
    Beaded Chain Necklace Silver
    Beaded Chain Necklace Pandora Rose
    Out of stock
    Beaded Chain Necklace
  • 387543CZ
    Sparkling Square Halo Pendant Silver
    Sparkling Square Halo Pendant Pandora Rose
    Out of stock
    Sparkling Square Halo Pendant
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 387550P
    Out of stock
    Freshwater Cultured Pearls & Beads Necklace
    S$349.00 S$159.00
  • 380523CZ
    Out of stock
    Vintage Circle Collier Necklace
  • 380354CZ
    Out of stock
    Sparkling Snowflake Pendant
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