Tri Tone
Two Tone
Pandora People
  • 767796CZ
    Cupid & You Heart Dangle Charm
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 787247NLCMX
    Heart Full of Hearts Dangle Charm
    S$69.00 S$29.00
  • 787017NPO
    Happy Dangle Charm
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 792080
    Classic Heart Clip Charm
    S$159.00 S$69.00
  • 791879MOP
    Luminous Hearts Charm
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 590521MOP
    Luminous Hearts Collier Necklace
    S$179.00 S$89.00
  • 290697MOP
    Luminous Hearts Stud Earrings
    S$149.00 S$59.00
  • 788828C01
    Out of stock
    Mum Letters Dangle Charm
  • 788682C01
    Out of stock
    Pavé Padlock & Key Dangle Charm
  • 788165NCC
    Out of stock
    Pandora Rose Best Friends Forever Dangle Charm
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 768760C01
    Out of stock
    In My Heart Split Heart Charm
  • 768756C00
    Out of stock
    Mum's Golden Heart Dangle Charm
  • 792012CZ
    Out of stock
    Snowflake & Heart Dangle Charm
    S$149.00 S$79.00
  • 791988CZ
    Out of stock
    Family Roots Dangle Charm
  • 791807CZ
    Out of stock
    Pavé Heart Padlocks Dangle Charm
    S$149.00 S$69.00
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