Pandora Colours collection

A new day, a new colour

Capturing the unique power of colour, the Pandora Colours collection lets you ignite the occasions and seasons of your life with brilliance.

  • 767052CSY
    Golden Pavé Charm
  • 781286PCZ
    Pink Beaded Texture Clip Charm
    S$159.00 S$89.00
  • 791817CZSMX
    Purple Pavé Clip Charm
  • 791969PCZ
    Pink Abstract Leaves Charm
    S$129.00 S$59.00
  • 791261MCZMX
    Green Pavé Charm
    S$129.00 S$59.00
  • 798875C00
    Out of stock
    Wavy Lavender Murano Glass Charm
  • 798872C00
    Out of stock
    Wavy Fancy Pink Murano Glass Charm
  • 797583C01
    Out of stock
    Pavé Snowflake Clip Charm
    S$89.00 S$55.00
  • 168033CZ
    Out of stock
    Geometric Crown Ring
    S$159.00 S$69.00
  • 198052CZ
    Out of stock
    White Stripes Ring
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 798031EN195
    Out of stock
    Blue Mosaic Charm
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 168052CZ
    Out of stock
    Blue Stripes Ring
    S$129.00 S$69.00
  • 768029CZ
    Out of stock
    Blue Stripes Spacer Charm
    S$99.00 S$39.00
  • 797893
    Out of stock
    Butterfly Pink Murano Glass Charm
    S$89.00 S$29.00
  • 797901
    Out of stock
    Pink Flower Murano Glass Charm
    S$89.00 S$29.00
  • 767821CSY
    Out of stock
    Good Fortune Coin Charm
    S$179.00 S$89.00
  • 797746NSBL
    Out of stock
    Blue Ice Cube Charm
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Your expression in colours

Each piece in Pandora Colours collection is hand-finished of the finest sustainably sourced metals, brilliantly faceted gemstones and Italian Murano glass. Rings, charms and other complementary jewellery are created with renown attention to detail that lasts throughout the years.