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  • 769391C00
  • 799268C01
  • 768587C01
  • 768583C01
  • 768589C01
  • 768592C01
  • 768580C01
  • 768582C01
  • 768597C01
  • 768591C01
  • 768585C01
  • 768593C01
  • 768594C01
  • 767583CZ
    Round Pavé Clip Charm Sterling silver
    Round Pavé Charm Rose gold plated
    Round Pavé Clip Charm Gold plated
    Round Pavé Clip Charm Gold plated
  • 767643
    Heart Dangle Clip Charm Sterling silver
    Heart Dangle Clip Charm Rose gold plated
    Heart Dangle Clip Charm Gold plated
  • 799325C00
    Out of stock online
    2021 Graduation Charm
  • 768767C00
    Out of stock online
    Arabian Lantern Dangle Charm
  • 769026C01
    Out of stock online
    Tennis Racket & Ball Dangle Charm
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