Pandora Moments Bracelets
  • 796591FPC
    Sparkling Pink Hearts Clip Charm
    S$69.00 S$29.00
  • 797655
    Love You Heart Padlock Charm Silver
    Love You Heart Padlock Charm Pandora Rose
    Love You Heart Padlock Charm
    S$69.00 S$29.00
  • 796218CZ
    Pandora Signature Heart Charm
    S$99.00 S$39.00
  • 797185EN160
    Take a Break Coffee Cup Charm
    S$69.00 S$29.00
  • 797196EN23
    Blue Compass Rose Dangle Charm
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 791969PCZ
    Pink Abstract Leaves Charm
    S$129.00 S$59.00
  • 797827CZMX
    Sparkling Arrow & Heart Charm
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 787017NPO
    Happy Dangle Charm
    S$99.00 S$49.00
  • 797143CZ
    Princess Emoticon Charm
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 781015
    Pandora Logo Clip Charm
    S$89.00 S$39.00
  • 596543
    Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet Pandora Shine
    Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet Silver
    Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet Pandora Rose
    Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet
  • 790533
    Flower Bouquet Clip Charm
    S$59.00 S$29.00
  • 590713
    Pandora Moments Bangle Silver
    Pandora Moments Bangle Two Tone
    Pandora Moments Bangle
  • 798023
    Rino the Rhinoceros Charm
    S$69.00 S$29.00
  • 781370CZ
    Sparkling Openwork Charm
    S$129.00 S$69.00
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