Cancer zodiac jewellery

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Known to be a ride-or-die partner and friend, Cancerians are sensitive, intuitive and caring. Whether you're treating yourself or a friend, a Cancer zodiac charm, medallion or pearl is the perfect gift.

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Cancer style astrology

You’re known for being comfortable in your comfort zone, Cancerians. If you could, you’d wear your pyjamas all day, right? Own your sign with Cancer zodiac jewellery, featuring charms, medallions and pearls to showcase all that you are.


Words of wisdom

Show who you are without saying a word. Wear your story on your sleeve with our letter charms.


Connect with your Cancer symbols

Wise Cancereans. You effortlessly pick up the energies in a room. Represented by the crab, you’re shielded by a hard, external shell. Yet, underneath lies intuition and sensitivity.  Symbolise your gentle water sign with Cancer zodiac jewellery that speaks volumes about your authentic self.

How to style your star sign

The Cancer look

For the zodiac’s crab, jewellery is just as much a creative expression as it is a protective shell. Let your sensitive water sign reveal how caring and artistic you really are with Cancer zodiac jewellery. Put a unique spin on your look with our 14k gold-plated Cancer zodiac dangle charm or keep the stars aligned with your compatible water signs — Pisces and Scorpio. Mix in elements of this month’s must-have stone, pearls, or make it meaningful with charms that symbolise your star-studded ensemble.