Characters close to your heart

Introducing Disney Favourites

Say hello to a series of beloved Disney charms, designed for the first time ever in collaboration with Disney’s in-house toy design team. Rediscover childhood heroes and find new sidekicks with charms that bring the spirit of each character to life with playful details and fun expressions.


From Disneys Nemo to Stitch, collect the characters you love from the stories close to your heart. Each charm is brought to life with playful details and hand-painted colourful enamel that pops against the shine of sustainably sourced sterling silver.

Gang's all here!

Joining Disney's Minnie Mouse is her sweetheart Mickey Mouse and his loyal pup, Pluto. Together, this loveable trio is a celebration of friendship and joy, and represent characters that are like family.


Say something about you with Disney charms

Patch from 101 Dalmatians joins Alice in Wonderland's sly Cheshire Cat and the Stitch the loyal alien. Oversized features, like a mysterious smile or floppy ears, gives each one of these Disney characters sweet details.


Carry Disneys Marie with you always

Sweet and ladylike, Marie from Disney The Aristocats' sports a perfect pink bow. Just because she's a lady doesn't mean she isn't sassy. Marie is known for saying, "Ladies do not start fights...but they can finish them."


Everyone needs a loyal friend to stand by their side through thick and thin.

Just keep swimming!

As Nemo travels across the Big Blue to find his way home, he's joined by the loveable-yet-forgetful Dory. Nemo’s small “lucky fin” detail brings the epic story of adventure and bravery to life.