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The Pandora Signature collection is a sophisticated and iconic jewellery collection crafted to speak volumes about who you are. Create a simple look with one statement piece or layer pieces and metal tones to define your own signature style.

Sterling silver
  • 599493C00
    Pandora Signature I-D bangle Sterling silver
    Pandora Signature I-D bangle Rose gold plated
    Pandora Signature I-D bangle Gold plated
  • 199057C01
    Crossover Pavé Triple Band Ring Sterling silver
    Crossover Pavé Triple Band Ring Rose gold plated
    Crossover Pavé Triple Band Ring Gold plated
  • 299488C01
  • 199482C01
    Logo & Hearts Ring Sterling silver
    Logo & Hearts Ring Rose gold plated
  • 799489C01
  • 199491C01
    Sparkling Overlapping Ring Sterling silver
    Sparkling Overlapping Ring Rose gold plated
    Sparkling Overlapping Ring Gold plated
  • 199302C01
    Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring Sterling silver
    Sparkling Wishbone Heart Ring Rose gold plated
  • 199095C01
    Sparkling Marquise Double Wishbone Ring Sterling silver
    Sparkling Marquise Double Wishbone Ring Rose gold plated
  • 599217C01
    Available in 2 colors
  • 599217C02
    Sparkling Pavé Bars Bracelet Sterling silver
    Sparkling Pavé Bars Bracelet Rose gold plated
    Available in 2 colors
  • 799224C01
    Sparkling Snowflake Pavé Charm Sterling silver
    Sparkling Snowflake Pavé Charm Rose gold plated
  • 799240C01
    Openwork Star Constellations Charm Sterling silver
    Openwork Star Constellations Charm Rose gold plated
  • 399077C00
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